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The Lyke Wake Walk – Not For Lightweights

Bagnalls | 16 May

Bagnalls Board committed, in a moment of madness, to a team building event, to undertake the Lyke Wake Walk, a 40 mile stroll, across North Yorkshire’s finest dales, from Osmotherly to Ravenscar, all within 24 hours !! to raise money for two Children’s Charities.The final assault team consisted of Graeme “the compass” Johnson, Mike “dehydrated” Davenport, and Paul “the map” Curry, ably supported by Team Volvo, namely John Kirkham and Joanne Gualda, in the rescue vehicles.

At 16.20 pm on the 15th May 2009, the intrepid expedition commenced. They met Team Volvo, at several agreed checkpoints along the way, who were always ready with drinks and snacks and words of encouragement.

Unfortunately, Paul had to give up having completed 25 miles but Mike and Graeme continued and finished the 40 miles, well actually, due to the slight detour, 45 miles, in 19 hours.

To date, their efforts have raised just over £1500 for the two charities.

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