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Community Paintbrush At Broughton Hall

Bagnalls | 13 December

Bagnalls’ Community Paintbrush scheme continues to lead the way, as the gift that keeps on giving.

This time around, Broughton Hall Catholic High School in West Derby, Liverpool were the recipients of twenty tins of paint. From Masonry paint capable of jazzing up outside walls, to emulsion for budding painters to practice their cutting in skills. The variety of paints was delivered alongside some brand new Kana paintbrushes, to ensure the pupils at Broughton Hall have the best tools for the job. Two of our colleagues willingly answered the S.O.S call for paint. 

The Liverpool school’s art department, its pupils and even the Headmistress, Sue Clarke, came out to greet our welcome donation with open arms, she said, “We are always on the lookout for resources such as paint and what better way for it to be delivered, than with a smile. Bagnalls have gone above and beyond for our school today, thanks to the lads for the delivery, just in time for Christmas as well!”.

Bagnalls are always happy to help, as and when we can.  Happy Paint-mas to all at Broughton Hall!!

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