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The Family Business Pledge

Bagnalls | 21 August

Proud of our roots, we are delighted to have signed up to support the Family Business Pledge.

Award winning family business resource centre and champion of family firms, Family Business United is proud to have created the Family Business Pledge, helping to celebrate the fact that family firms are a force for good and deserve to be recognised for all they do. As founder Paul Andrews explains, “We want to celebrate the family business as a model and exemplar, to draw attention to the family firms around the world that do amazing things on a daily basis and to help to dispel the myths that pervade the sector. Family firms are a positive force for good and we want to ensure that it is recognised.”

“We want family firms to come together to raise the voice, support the sector and help to demonstrate that there is immense pride, passion and belief in what they do and to help us in our mission to celebrate the family business.”

The Family Business Pledge outlines a specific set of actions that the organisations signing up to the ‘pledge’ recognise will help to engender greater appreciation of the family business sector, provide broader recognition for the sector and help to further advance the field of family business.

Family firms make significant contributions to national economies around the world in terms of employment, revenues and taxes, not to mention the unquantifiable good that they make to the communities in which they operate. This campaign seeks to help empower all family firms to be part of a collective voice, proud of their roots and all that they do on a daily basis. Simply put, family businesses are an unquestionable force for good.

The tenets of The Family Business Pledge:

• Promote family business in general
• Celebrate family business ownership
• Promote the fact that they are a family owned business
• Recognise the contribution of family firms
• Share news and success stories
• Promote best practice
• Help to create awareness and generate recognition for family firms.

Stephen Bagnall, Group Managing Director said “As a family firm we are proud of our ownership and the journey that our family firm continues to make. Our business is a real labour of love for us as a family, and for our wider stakeholders who support us in our endeavours. We are delighted to support a campaign that recognises family firms like ours and helps to shine the light on the good work that family firms do in the UK and beyond. Campaigns such as this are vital to dispelling the myths around family firms and helping to celebrate all the good things firms like ours do.”

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