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The Importance of Apprenticeships in Family Business

Bagnalls | 6 March

Between the 5th and 9th of March, businesses across the country are celebrating apprentices for ‘National Apprenticeship Week.’ At Bagnalls, we invest in training and supporting the future generation of craftspeople with our own Apprenticeship programme.

Apprenticeships have sometimes fallen into the trap of being associated solely with construction industries and for students who were not academically successful. However, apprenticeships have since grown into a fantastic way for all young people to build bright futures. Apprentices are especially important for family businesses, where future generations must be nurtured and tutored to result in a new generation of experts. With the opportunity to develop vital skills, earn whilst learning and bring youth and enthusiasm to businesses, it’s time to look at how apprentices are impacting modern Britain…

Apprentices and family business

Paul Andrews, Managing Director of Family Business United, recently spoke to Bagnalls about the importance of apprentices within family businesses: “Investment in apprentices is fantastic for the UK economy. Apprenticeships enable the UK workforce to develop and entire industries to progress. For painting and decorating, the skills required are not the same as 20-30 years ago – so new apprentices help the whole business advance.”

Family Business United recently established an Apprentice of the Year Award, showcasing the importance of apprentices within family business. Three of our own apprentices are shortlisted for the award: “Family firms are the backbone of the UK economy, providing around 67% of the UK’s total turnover and employing over 11 million people. In every sector imaginable, there are family businesses that are aiming to withstand the test of time.”

“For a family business like Bagnalls to survive for over six generations means they’re doing something right – and their apprenticeship platform allows them to grow into the future and stay relevant. Our Family Business Awards began as a way to highlight the significance of family firms, and adding the apprenticeship award was a natural progression to celebrate the investment and support businesses give to the next generation.”

Bagnalls apprentices are shortlisted alongside apprentices from disciplines such as robotics, recruitment and corporate events – illustrating the huge amount of opportunity available to young people. We are very proud to represent the Painting and Decorating industry and to put forth such talented young people.

Family businesses can only grow by investing in their people. With apprenticeships available in almost every sector and field, there’s never been a better time to join a business as an apprentice and feel valued and rewarded. Whether you choose to work in the painting and decorating industry or seek training elsewhere, we would like to encourage everyone to consider taking part in apprenticeships – especially at family businesses, where your training and development will be made priority and your work will have a tremendous positive impact on the business you work for.

For more information on apprenticeships at Bagnalls, visit this page. For more information on apprenticeships in general, head to the National Apprenticeship Week page.

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