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Catching Up With Guy Jenkins of Jenkins Painting LLC About the Benefits of Apprenticeships

Bagnalls | 11 May

Our family business holds people at the very heart of what we do and so it is always a pleasure to hear how Bagnalls has helped the people we have worked with over the years to succeed. Recently we heard from Guy Jenkins, who began his apprenticeship with a local builder in Hereford, back in 1980 and has followed the work of Bagnalls over the years! Guy’s success in his apprenticeship meant that he secured a job with a local builder, then a medium-sized painting company in London, which gave him even more valuable experience in the painting and decorating industry.

Guy’s strong skillset and experience in this sector meant that he was given the opportunity to work all over the world, including Düsseldorf and the United Arab Emirates! Guy told us how fantastic these experiences were for him, and how traditional painting companies like Bagnalls gave him the inspiration to work in a trade which he was truly passionate about.

Now, Guy has over 38 years of experience under his belt and has worked hard to start and develop his own small painting business right across the Western US: Jenkins Painting LLC. Guy employs two full-time painters to carry out services including: exterior painting, interior painting, paint removal, pressure washing, chemical stripping, and the application of epoxy and polyurethane wood coatings.

Jenkins Painting LLC has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in the local area and specialises in works on log and timber cabins, as well as carrying out a whole range of small commercial projects.

One of the most interesting things Guy told us when he got in touch was that, even with so much industry experience, people still say to him, “You’ve served an apprenticeship, haven’t you?” The fact that people can recognise the trademarks of hard-working ex-apprentices who have grasped the opportunities presented to them with both hands, is truly humbling for a company like ours who pride themselves in the development of people.

We are simply overjoyed that Guy has taken everything he learnt in his apprenticeship, managed to work all over the world and has worked hard to set up his very own company, doing something that he loves. Guy told us that, “It’s a great thing for me to follow a traditional company like Bagnalls,” – we just want to say a massive thank you to Guy for being such an advocate of apprenticeship schemes like ours. Good luck and we wish you and Jenkins Painting LLC every success in the future!

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