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Bagnalls Gold Certified for Reducing CO2 Emissions

Bagnalls | 14 November

As a responsible company, Bagnalls has an ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment and took the decision some years ago to monitor fuel consumption across its fleet using Masternaut’s patented fuel monitoring technology.  By running an efficient fleet and optimising route planning we can reduce our direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Bagnalls has been recognised by Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification programme, as we are improving our environmental performance and demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon emissions.  We have been awarded the highest accolade with a Gold certificate because we are one of only a few companies which has achieved greater than 5% year on year improvement.  In its simplest terms, the Fleet CO2 Certification programme, with CAN clip technology, recorded our fleet data to calculate the year on year improvement.

The certification is substantiated by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), which provides an independent, third-party statement on the Masternaut certification programme offering assurance on the verification of Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification methodology and the accuracy as a measurement of CO2 improvement. The EST is a UK based organisation with a mission to help people save energy every day, by promoting energy efficiency and the sustainable use of energy across all sectors. Our Environmental policy objectives are closely aligned to theirs: to avoid unnecessary mileage, use the most energy efficient and cleanest vehicles and provide driver training to ensure that vehicles are driven as efficiently as possible.

Not only does the analysis conducted by Masternaut demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the environment but helps determine whether the specific models used in our fleet are the most efficient for our operations.  We can then use this knowledge and advice to provide performance tips on improved driver behaviour, purchase the latest eco-friendly vehicles, and schedule jobs to avoid traffic and unnecessary urban driving.

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