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Mental Health Awareness Week

Bagnalls | 13 May

Here at Bagnalls we see mental health as an important issue and one that needs to be talked about. That’s why this week we’re promoting Mental Health Awareness Week. There is a big push at the minute for more men to discuss their mental health issues and our industry is roughly 86% male so we take this very seriously. We encourage our employees to acknowledge their mental health issues and to be open about discussing them. We’ve been reading some statistics about mental health in the construction industry this week that we think are important to share.

In the construction industry, more workers die from suicide than from falls. People assume the unsafe part of a construction job is the physical aspect – large machinery and heavy lifting. However, this statistic shows that mental health is just as important, if not more, than physical health and we should all as a society begin to treat it as such. At Bagnalls, over the past two years we have held training sessions with all of our operatives on mental health.

In 2017, suicide rates among construction works were 3.7 times the national average. In the building finishing trades, such as plastering, painting and decorating, they were twice the national average. At Bagnalls we’re interested in learning why this is by starting to have open and honest conversations about mental health. This year at our safety days we have focused on the campaign #icrybecause where we have given all operatives an opportunity to tell us what upsets them and makes them unhappy. We have had an overwhelming response.

In 2017, research identified that 34% of the construction workers surveyed had experienced a mental health condition in the last twelve months. This statistic shows just how common mental health issues are and you can never tell who is suffering.

We want to raise awareness this week of the importance of mental health, particularly in industries such as our own which are usually male dominated. Men can find it more difficult to be open about their mental health and we want to end this stigma for good.

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