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Reset Compliance Systems

Bagnalls | 18 June

The Construction Leadership Council have published a report on skills in the industry and have found that 30% of the industry’s work force is set to retire in the next decade. Because of this, they have expressed concern over future skills shortages and are urging contractors to employ more people directly, believing this will ensure the industry’s work force is better trained.

Bagnalls use the Reset Compliance Systems to reassure customers that our operatives are all fully trained. Every operative carries a card with them which allows customers to check that they have the competences to carry out the job at hand. All of our craftsmen on site are directly employed by Bagnalls and we are continually investing in the training of our employees.

So, how does it work? All of our operatives have a Reset card which they can present at a job, and you can check their qualifications, online, in seconds. A traffic light system will advise you whether their training is up to date.

With Bagnalls you can always be sure that our operatives are directly employed and fully trained. Want to know more about the Reset Compliance Systems? Get in touch today.

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