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Working With Our Supply Chain

Supply chain management is key to a successful partnership as we rely on the skills of a number of other trades in order to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

We partner with material manufacturers to extend the maintenance life cycles of properties and provide the most effective specification in line with customers’ budgets and long term expectations for the property.

Paint manufacturers such as Akzo Nobel, Crown Paints, PPG Johnstones, Hempels, Tikkurilla and Keim have the technical expertise and specification knowledge to offer various options to achieve extensions to cyclical maintenance, long term cost savings or environmental benefits.

We are proud to be an active and long standing member of the Dulux Contract Partnership scheme which aims to assure customers of quality product applied by quality contractors.

In addition, we work closely with access suppliers to provide the safest and most cost effective access solution during the works. Through our risk assessment process we ascertain the most effective form of access for working at height and ensure that the plant or equipment used meets strict safety criteria.

Developing the partnership ethos throughout our contracts means that many local small and medium sized businesses can benefit from the long term arrangements we have in place as we partner with them for supply, stock and delivery arrangements.

We expect our supply chain to adhere to high standards across all areas of their service delivery: Supplier and Subcontractor Code of Conduct