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Case Studies

Riverside Crossing Enhanced by Protective Coatings

Bagnalls | 8 June

An Artistic Interchange In Coventry

Bagnalls | 1 June

May 2021 marks the start of Coventry’s year as the UK’s City of Culture. City-wide transformations are taking place including a refresh of the Pool Meadow Bus Interchange in the centre of Coventry...

Painting Expertise at British Steel

Bagnalls | 1 June

Bagnalls continues to support one of its major utility customers by undertaking specialist industrial coating work to their network of pipelines across the UK. Bagnalls fully encapsulated this 60-metr...

Bagnalls Carries Out Redecoration for South & City College Birmingham

Bagnalls | 30 April

Bagnalls were delighted to be awarded the external redecoration works across three sites of South & City College Birmingham. The works included three very different properties; Digbeth, a Grade 2-...

Delivering on Industrial Coatings

Bagnalls | 16 March

Bagnalls directly employs specialist industrial painters who can extend the lifecycle of the country’s critical network of utility infrastructure. Before facilitating any work on these assets, th...

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