Bagnalls Give Dextra Group Plc a New Look

19 April 2023

Based in Gillingham, Dorset, Dextra Group Plc manufacture commercial, energy-efficient lighting solutions. Founded 45 years ago, Dextra Group remains the largest privately owned luminaire manufacturer in the UK.

Bagnalls were asked to help refresh the look of Dextra Group’s Gillingham site, which includes warehouses, manufacturing plants, offices, visitor areas, car parks and goods access areas.

We were briefed on the change in colour scheme and the need to paint the external cladding on one of the site’s metal-clad buildings. Our team were tasked with completely removing the current coating and reapplying a new coat of paint. This process ensures improved protection against corrosion for the metal substrate, whilst also providing an enhanced and refreshed appearance.

To prepare the surface our team used a jet washer and a degreaser. We then removed the existing failed coatings of paint and applied a pre-paint cleaner. Any bare areas were covered with a spot primer, followed by two coats of Jotun Pilot ACR. This topcoat is a specialist one-pack acrylic topcoat, formulated for use on metal within industrial environments. This topcoat was chosen for its fast drying times and ability to protect against corrosion long-term. We wanted to ensure the building continued to look refreshed for years to come.

Our team of directly employed, health and safety trained, highly-experienced painters completed the entire project in eight weeks. Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS) and mobile towers helped us access higher levels. These were supplied by our vetted subcontractors.

Safety is always of paramount importance whilst working on a project. As Dextra Group’s site was to remain open for the duration of the project, we had some extra considerations to take into account.

We ensured safety protocols were adhered to by cordoning off areas with clear barriers and signage, and safely and securely storing essential equipment after a shift ended. We took the decision to paint the frontage of the main building out of hours in order to minimise disruption to the car parks.

Dextra Group’s Facilities, Health and Safety Manager is “very happy with the quality of work” and commented on the “very good communication and friendly demeanour” of our team. We are so pleased that Dextra Group are satisfied with the work we have completed.

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