Bagnalls Paints a Greener Future

11 August 2022

From being named the winner of the Raising the Bar “Large Company – Environment” award to our recycling initiatives, Bagnalls is leading the way when it comes to protecting the environment with our “Painting a Greener Future” initiative.

At Bagnalls, we have a legal and social duty to ensure that we maintain and promote environmental good practice. As such, we continue to drive forward our strategy to reduce, reuse and recycle in line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation.

A key area of focus for the Company is to reduce waste going to landfill. We work alongside vetted and approved waste management companies and leading paint manufacturers to recycle empty paint cans. Collaborating with Crown Trade’s Can Back scheme, our empty paint cans are segregated for the plastic cans to be shredded and re-worked into new products, whilst our metal cans are sent for melting into a base product to be re-used. We are currently working towards our target of recycling 90% of paint cans by the end of 2022.

We are also proud to donate leftover paint from many of our projects to our Community Paintbrush efforts or initiatives like Community RePaint to ensure materials do not go to waste.

In addition to our recycling efforts, Bagnalls uses smart technology in its fleet of Econetic vans to reduce our direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Our environmental efforts in this regard have been recognised by Masternaut’s Fleet CO2 Certification programme, with Bagnalls one of only a handful of companies that have achieved a greater than 5% year on year reduction in carbon emissions.

We are also proud to be using new technology where possible on projects to bring environmental benefits. This includes alternative surface preparation techniques such as dustless grit blasting that uses less abrasive as well the use of eco-friendly water-based paints and low-emissions paints.

Stephen Bagnall, Group Managing Director added “As a family business that has been socially responsible for generations, we continue to support initiatives that have real, tangible benefits to the environment.”

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