Another Completed Crossing

31 August 2021

One of Bagnalls specialist industrial coatings teams has just completed a phenomenal project at Riverside, Penwortham in Preston. The project was completed to the highest levels of safety with the support of our supply chain partner, a specialist in scaffolding for complex and high-risk projects. The project took 20 weeks to complete as it had to be split into 5 sections and the scaffold moved section by section until the whole crossing had been coated to the required PPG specification.

Bagnalls diligently ensures that all aspects of health, safety, welfare, environment and quality are considered during the delivery of its works.  This particular project required special consideration for the natural environment as it spans the River Ribble and is home to a wide range of wildlife including a “romp” of otters, who kept our painters amused with their swimming antics.

Jon Walker, Project Manager said “We would like to say thank you to the local residents and businesses for their patience and consideration during the completion of the project.  We do our utmost to minimise any disturbance to the local community but we understand that our presence is slightly unsettling, so thank you.” A local resident added, “the crossing looks so much better, it really has been transformed.”

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