Our Inspirational Women in Business

31 January 2024

We are delighted that two of our brilliant Bagnalls women have been included in the Women in Family Business report, compiled by Family Business United. Joanne Gualda, our Group Marketing Director, and Ellie Jobes, our HR Director, have both been recognised for their impact on Bagnalls as a family business.

The report champions incredible women across the UK for their contributions to the business sector, celebrating their leadership and innovation.

Founder and CEO of Family Business United, Paul Andrews compiled the report.

He is thrilled with the results, commenting: “We have uncovered some truly inspirational individuals with the Women in Family Business report, some who have given a lifetime of service and support and others who are just embarking on the early stages of their journey.

“We wanted to recognise all of these women for their contributions, family members and non-family members alike. They all continue to make a huge difference in their respective businesses every day.”

“Our report celebrates a collection of wonderful individuals, all of whom are great ambassadors for the family businesses they are involved in and for the broader impact that they have on their colleagues and the broader community. They each make invaluable contributions to the thriving family business sector at the very heart of our nation.”

Paul goes on to say, “It is clear that women play a massive driving role in the family business agenda and it has been a privilege to compile a report that highlights the diverse roles they play. It’s great to be able to give them recognition for their endeavours as pioneers, innovators, agents of change and inspirational leaders.

“We aim to celebrate the next generation of women who are making their mark on the business sector and to shine a light on the unsung heroes of business who continue to make a difference. Each of the women within the report embodies everything that being a family business is all about.”

A huge congratulations to both Joanne and Ellie for this achievement! We love being able to champion and reward the contributions of women within our family firm and other family businesses across the country.

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