Bagnalls Joins Sustainabler

23 May 2024

Bagnalls is proud to be part of Sustainabler, Family Business United’s new green initiative that’s helping to make meaningful change when it comes to sustainability. We’ve become the latest family business to sign up to the Sustainable Charter, pledging our commitment to make a positive difference for our planet.

As a family business, we want to do the right thing – we want Bagnalls to be an agent of change and for every member of our team to take responsibility for their actions.

Our aim is to ensure Bagnalls becomes a truly sustainable business by making long-term decisions towards our shared purpose of implementing greener, more efficient systems that do not harm our planet. We aim to act as stewards for the next generation and recognise the urgency of the need to care for our world.

The Sustainbler Charter encourages family businesses to proactively share their activities and their impact with the wider community. The aim is to amplify the impact of family firms as agents of change, sharing resources and ideas that will help other family businesses.

Each family business that signs up to the Sustainable Charter agrees to further its sustainability journey by pledging to:

  • continue on its journey to become a net zero business
  • reduce overall energy consumption
  • minimise waste
  • encourage the reduction of material consumption, reusing and recycling as many resources as possible
  • reduce water consumption
  • consider the use of renewable energy resources
  • measure and reduce its overall impact on the environment
  • encourage and support its employees to become better ‘citizens of the planet’
  • support the broader communities in which the company operates
  • be an active participant in the Sustainabler community as an agent of change
  • share and report back on green endeavours and the impact that these have on the business
  • continue to build an approach to sustainability that looks at the company’s underlying purpose in terms of profit, people and planet.

Paul Andrews, founder of Sustainabler and global champion of family businesses, explains: “Sustainabler has been created with a simple purpose in mind: to provide a comprehensive resource centre that will enable family businesses of all sizes to source information, knowledge and practical examples of sustainability in practice.

“We want to help make sustainability manageable, measurable and meaningful. We are delighted to welcome Bagnalls to Sustainabler and we really welcome the support and commitment that the Bagnalls team has made in this regard.

“As a responsible family business, Bagnalls is taking plenty of steps on their sustainability journey and we’re thrilled they have signed up to our sustainability pledge.”

Bagnalls’ Sustainability Coordinator, Ben Featherstone, says: “We’re really excited to be a part of Sustainabler. Bagnalls is committed to using green and sustainable practices wherever possible and we are always looking for new, innovative ways to ensure we’re protecting our planet.

“Our painters and decorators are already using environmentally friendly Graphenstone paint across various projects, which works to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere as it dries. We are also proud members of The Painting and Decorating Association’s Paint Green scheme, which helps us recycle and cut down on waste.

“We can’t wait to further our green efforts with Sustainabler and help us protect our planet for the next generation of family businesses.”

Paul continues: “We created Sustainabler in response to the demand for resources and insights to help family businesses on their sustainability journey and we’ve been delighted with the response to date. The community continues to build and it’s great to see the family business mark of sustainability being embraced by great family businesses all over the UK.

“Bagnalls is a long-standing, multi-generational family business that has been delivering expert commercial and industrial painting and decorating projects across the UK since 1875. It’s a responsible business, putting people and the planet at the heart of everything the team does, so we are delighted to welcome the Bagnalls team to our Sustainabler community.”

Family businesses signing up to Sustainabler become part of a community that has the matter of sustainability at its core. All businesses are able to make full use of the Sustainabler badge and gain invitations to events helping support the ongoing sustainability agenda.

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