Delivering on Industrial Coatings

16 March 2021

Bagnalls directly employs specialist industrial painters who can extend the lifecycle of the country’s critical network of utility infrastructure.

Before facilitating any work on these assets, the site team are trained to meet the full range of requirements of the utility companies’ specialist SHEQ training schemes, helping to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied with the precautions being taken and the safety processes involved.

Our employees are trained to ensure that surface preparations are being completed to the correct standards, helping maintain a high standard of both safety and quality within the work. Following this, the specified paint coatings are applied as planned, with our team making certain that the project is completed to the exact scheme of works and quality achieved including the required wet film thicknesses. Many of these gas pipe crossings are in remote places and have to be accessed with the specific permission and agreed arrangements of the landowner, often the local farmer and in some cases companies such as Network Rail. Robust site safety and environmental management are vital when working in these rural locations. Although not often seen by members of the public, this essential programme of maintenance ensures that households continue to receive their required gas supplies.

Shown above is the Rawthey Viaduct in Cumbria, which Bagnalls recently helped transform whilst working to strict safety requirements. If you have utility infrastructure which requires protective or cyclical maintenance works, get in touch with Bagnalls today to discuss how we can help.

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