Richard Britten

Group Operations Director

LinkedIn Profile

Richard Britten joined Bagnalls in 1992. He started as an apprentice painter and has remained with Bagnalls throughout his career.  He has worked his way up through the business doing every job on the way from Surveyor to Regional Manager. Richard was appointed to the Board in 2018, as Regional Director, but is now Group Operations Director overseeing the operational delivery of our services across the UK.

Richard is a keen advocate of the company’s apprenticeship programme and supports the investment made at our training academy in Doncaster to further strengthen apprentices’ skills and knowledge.  Through his support and leadership many of today’s Branch Managers have followed a similar career path to himself and advanced from painters to the senior leadership team.

Richard leads by example, he is helpful and supportive, and his solution-based approach to management means that as a business we are making great strides in achieving profitable growth.  Richard is a keen wind surfer and enjoys spending time on the coast in all weathers catching the waves!