Bagnalls Decorator of Choice for Cooke Brothers Limited

17 April 2023

Cooke Brothers Ltd is the UK’s leading hinge manufacturer and supplier, also providing architectural hardware, glass door products, shelving strips and more. A family-run business, it has produced hinges for domestic and commercial environments for almost 150 years.

Cooke Brothers’ Group Managing Director, Philip Cooke, has revealed that “Bagnalls is our decorator of choice when it comes to keeping our property portfolio in an excellent state of decoration.”

Bagnalls’ experienced team of painters recently helped to refresh the Cooke Brothers’ Walsall industrial unit and paint the offices. We love to ensure our customers receive high-quality service from us and give their space a new lease of life!

Philip commented, “with over 100,000 square feet of offices, light industrial warehousing premises built at a variety of times from the 1960s through to the 1990s, quality redecoration is a must for us.”

Making sure our customers experience efficient and flexible service is important to us. If our customers have a short time scale for a redecoration or an emergency situation, Bagnalls works to meet their needs. This is why we were so pleased to hear Philip say: “Half of our property is let to tenants and when the opportunity to redecorate between tenancies arises, or in an emergency like a recent burst water pipe, Bagnalls responds with prompt quotes and a team of decorators to suit our needs and timeframe.”

As Philip says: “In decorating, preparation is key,” and our team always makes sure “everything is thoroughly cleaned down, masked off, or filled before work begins.” The work we undertake for Cooke Brothers involves painting at both ground level and higher, where we’ll use our scissor lifts and cherry pickers. When spray painting is used, we’ll cover all areas not being painted (like doorways and flooring), with sheeting. As Philip mentions, we ensure “airless spraying is used to minimise any overspray.”

Health and safety is of paramount importance to both Bagnalls and Cooke Brothers. As Philip says: “We jointly check the asbestos survey reports and any risk assessment actions before commencing the work.” We also ensure “the appropriate personal protecting equipment (PPE) is worn.” Minimising disruption for our customers is key for us, allowing current tenants to continue their lives around our work as safely as possible. Philip agrees, commenting: “Paints are all water-based or low-odour, so redecoration can take place even if an area is occupied by our tenants or ourselves.”

Philip comments further: “Flexibility of hours and planning of work areas to fit in with our production needs is a further benefit provided by Bagnalls. The site supervisor ensures both their redecoration and our routine tasks can effectively take place.”

“Overall, it’s a thumbs up from us for Bagnalls – they are there for us when we need them.” We’re so pleased that Philip is happy with the work we complete for Cooke Brothers, refreshing their industrial unit and offices amongst other tasks such as emergency work!

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