Bagnalls Signs SHP’s Inclusive PPE Charter

08 July 2024

It’s important that everyone feels comfortable, confident and safe at work. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the key components of the painting, decorating and construction industry and is required on all live sites to keep workers safe.

However, if PPE does not fit properly, it can compromise safety, and impact the wearer mentally and physically. Bagnalls believes that no one should feel uncomfortable or unsafe at work – this is why we’re proud to sign the Safety and Health Practitioner’s (SHP) Inclusive PPE Charter.

This charter aims to help build a more inclusive workforce by committing to providing PPE for everyone, in a range of sizes and fits. SHP leads by example and, in turn, pledges to keep us up to date with best practice and industry updates.

SHP wants to spearhead change and make industries that require PPE more inclusive. The organisation is calling for united action to solve the issue of ill-fitting PPE and make sure that everyone receives the correct safety equipment for them. Well-fitting PPE should be seen as the minimum standard for all.

Bagnalls is well aware of the issues with one-size-fits-all PPE. We have worked with our supply chain partner to source a better range of PPE and developed our own bespoke workwear, available in a variety of sizes to fit both the male and female body. During the development of the protective clothing, we discovered that the majority of women within the industry routinely have to wear PPE that is far too large for their frames.  Many are also forced to wear two pairs of socks to ensure their protective boots fit.

It is our aim to combat these issues with our Inclusive PPE Charter pledge and our new bespoke workwear range. We want to offer everyone in our team more choice and comfort when it comes to essential PPE, as well as improving overall safety and wellbeing.

Our commitment to the pledge sees us in good company with a variety of respected organisations also showing their support, including Network Rail, Southern Water, Vodafone and more.

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