Bagnalls Supports Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s Commitment to Equality

31 August 2023

Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) have set out their plans to promote diversity and inclusion. The aim of their Inspiring Generations strategy is to make cricket “a game for everyone”.

They are working locally, nationally and internationally to grow interest in cricket in deprived areas. This will help support the implementation of their equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) plan.

Bagnalls supports YCCC’s view that sport is a force for good that can bring communities together. YCCC understands they have failed to protect their community from discrimination and harassment, and must do more to prevent this going forward. The issues raised by Azeem Rafiq highlight this.

The YCCC wants to ensure that this kind of issue doesn’t arise again, fostering equality to ensure the Club is an inclusive home for everyone. Determined to learn from their past mistakes, they strive to rebuild their culture with inclusive values.

The Club is working to eliminate unlawful discrimination at all levels, and want to advance equality of opportunity for groups who share a protected characteristic. They aim to foster good communication between diverse communities and promote mental and emotional wellbeing.

YCCC is working to ensure the cricket community feel safe, supported and unafraid to express themselves.

Andy Dawson, Chief Operating Officer at YCCC, comments: “We are looking to diversify cricket within urban areas, both the game itself and the various talent pathways in which young people can access a career within the sport. We are looking to deliver bespoke programmes within community centres and work in inner-city schools with our Chance to Shine initiative. The aim is to highlight a clear pathway for young people to forge a professional career in a sector which inspires and encourages their development.”

Bagnalls are on board with the YCCC’s aim to empower people to make positive change within cricket. This is why we are proud to have our banner displayed on the perimeter of the field as a sponsor of YCCC.

Joanne Gualda, Director at Bagnalls, says “the Yorkshire County Cricket Club’s commitment to equality and inclusion is shown through their considered initiatives, such as Disability Cricket, aiming to increase representation within and access to the sport for those who are disabled. Their decision to grow women’s sections in their club also highlights their goal of minimising gender inequality within the club. I think this highlights their capacity for change and their determination to stop history from repeating itself. By driving change now, they are ensuring a safer future for new and existing talent.”

We believe YCCC’s plan to ensure equality and diversity highlights a real desire to drive change and commit to an inclusive atmosphere.

We wish the team the best of luck in all future matches and look forward to our continuing sponsorship!

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