Bagnalls Completes Mural Project for the Canary Wharf Group

02 September 2016

Our specialist Infrastructure division managed this impressive and complex project with the support and cooperation of several Bagnalls’ branches. There was a great deal of prior planning undertaken to ensure that all safety and environmental procedures were adhered to throughout this three-month scheme.

High levels of safety were maintained by our directly employed site teams, over 80% of whom were ICATS trained (Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme) ensuring the works were completed to the specified quality standards. More than 65 painters were involved, working various shifts in order to provide 24/7 operational cover.

One of the most intricate parts of the works was the design, commissioned by Canary Wharf Group via Serco, to realise the vision of artist Sinta Tintra’s mural “A Beautiful Sunset Mistaken for a Dawn”.

Over five thousand litres of Jotun high performance coatings were applied to the bridge including the seven different colours of the mural which had to be colour tinted to the artist’s exacting requirements.  In addition, the equivalent of over three kilometres of specialist masking tape was used to ensure crisp, sharp edges on the straight lines and curves.  The coatings works were checked on a regular basis by an independent paint inspection company to validate that the specification was being adhered to and quality assured.

The completed mural is the centrepiece of the project and testament to the skill and hard work of all involved in the project.

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