Hygienic Coatings

19 March 2016

Hygienic wall coatings are high performance paint systems that are easy to clean and offer long lasting infection control. These specialist coatings have been designed to withstand intensive daily cleaning regimes including steam cleaning. The seamless finish allows the coating to be applied across all areas of a hospital, food preparation or pharmaceutical environments.

Aesthetics and vibrant choices do not have to be compromised as hygienic coatings come in a wide spectrum of colours.  These specialist paints offer tough and durable infection control, normally when painted walls are wiped, bacteria is left behind to breed, but when walls have been protected with a hygienic coating 100% of bacteria can be removed without any damage. With superbugs and pandemics, hygiene standards in the health sector is a growing concern for the general public.

They can withstand daily cleaning for many years without staining or discolouration, therefore eliminating the need for regular redecoration. An added benefit is that the coating can be applied on all surfaces such as corridors, stairwells, wards, theatres, clean rooms and food preparation areas.

There are many different hygienic coating products, in a wide variety of colours, available in the market. To ensure that you have products specified to meet your particular requirements, we work with our supply chain to offer you the best technical solution. Products often specified include Johnstone’s Microbarr anti-bacterial coating used on Southmead Hospital, Crown Trade Clean Extreme scrubbable matt and Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond matt.  Silver Ion technology is now being used by manufacturers as it has additional benefits in the fight against bacteria and inhibits the spread of MRSA and E-Coli across the paint surface.

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