National Trust

02 September 2016

Bagnalls has worked for the National Trust for many years on projects across the country from Dyrham Park in the South West to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.

Other projects have included the meticulous painting work to the 23-metre-high Souter Lighthouse. The iconic Lighthouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the North East and in 1999, its care and ownership were taken over by the National Trust.

Due to its seaside location, the weather conditions can be quite harsh so the surface protection is gradually worn away. The majority of standard paints cannot cope with this harsh environment so specialist paints had to be used. In addition, extra controls for safe working had to be employed as the lighthouse remained open to the general public whilst painting works were being undertaken.

Decoration works for the National Trust are more demanding and bespoke than standard decorating contracts as a clear understanding is required of the necessary conservation techniques. Therefore, due to the complex nature and exacting standards that were required for this project, a team of our directly employed painters were selected who were trained and experienced in working off scaffold and applying specialist coatings.

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