Rolling Back the Years: Barry Caple Takes Planned Retirement in 2023

22 December 2022

We take the teaching and learning of our apprentices seriously. That’s why we’re celebrating the legend that is Barry Caple as he makes plans to retire in 2023.

Barry has a rich history within the painting and decorating community. He began his career in the rail sector before specialising in commercial and heritage painting right here at Bagnalls. During this time, he has brightened our days and solidified himself as a talented and hard-working painter. His expertise with both people and paintbrushes is second to none!

Eight years ago, Barry became the trainer at Bagnalls Academy. He has since helped to develop the painting and decorating skills of so many apprentices, and his patience and kindness ensures that our apprentices feel supported while attending the academy. They know that they can go to him and ask for help whenever they need it.

Barry recently completed his last week as apprentice tutor at Bagnalls Academy. He has handed over the reins to none other than Joel Mortlock, an outstanding painter that has worked for the Doncaster branch of Bagnalls for several years. So we know our students are in good hands!

We want to say a big thank you to you, Barry. Not only from all the apprentices who’ve benefitted from your coaching, but also from everyone at Bagnalls. Your years of hard work and commitment to training our next generation of craft painters and decorators is greatly appreciated.

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