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Bagnalls Paints at Great Heights

Bagnalls | 27 August

Bagnalls has been undertaking painting works for SPENCER on the main cables that support the Humber Bridge, one of the world’s longest, single span suspension bridges.With an anticipated life span of 120 years, the Humber Bridge, opened in 1981, requires constant maintenance. SPENCER are facilitating the inspection of the main cables at eight locations by Flint & Neill, on site Engineer for the Humber Bridge Board. The contract necessitates the replacement of the external circumferential wrapping wire following internal inspection at each location. 100km of 3.5mm galvanized wire has been used at these locations with the final protective coating applied by Bagnalls. The works are highly dependent on the weather being clement and the bridge is constantly moving, a light wind at ground level can feel quite different 150 metres off the ground.

As a specialist painting contractor, Bagnalls has been subcontracted to T-wash the newly replaced cable casing and then apply a primer and two coats of a 2 pack specialist coating, specified by Flint & Neill, to ensure the long term cyclical maintenance requirements of the Humber Bridge Board.

“This photograph is used with the kind permission of the Humber Bridge Board and SPENCER”

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