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A Passion for Recycling

Joanne Gualda | 25 June

Crown Trade is really leading the way in reducing, reusing and recycling. Following a site visit to the Crown Trade’s social enterprise facility, Nimtech in Darwen, it is evident that recycling is at the heart of our supply chain partner’s commitment to sustainability.
Not only do Nimtech recycle empty metal and plastic paint cans returned through their “CAN BACK” scheme facilitated by their UK network of Decorator Centres, but also colorant bottles, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), liquid paint and shrink wrap.

The progress being made to align production waste, with decorator centre waste and contractor waste is ground-breaking. All waste is carefully segregated and bundled for either recycling or reuse, with zero waste to landfill. Old IBCs are shredded to make new IBCs, liquid paint which can still be used is sent to a charity in Africa as well as local community groups and plastic waste is being used to manufacture new plastic paint cans and street furniture. The innovation in waste management being delivered by Crown Trade is a massive step in delivering a sustainable future.

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