Church House Triumph for Bagnalls

15 June 2023

Bagnalls is honoured to have completed decoration works at Church House, Westminster. Church House is the headquarters of the Archbishop’s Council, the Church Commissioners and all its boards, as well as the Church of England Pensions Board and the National Society.

The Church House is a historic venue. Built in the late 1930s, the building is Grade II listed and often plays host to meetings and conferences.

The Convocation Hall previously hosted the House of Lords during World War II. Bagnalls worked to redecorate this area and the surrounding corridors.

Our team protected the wooden panelling and flooring from accidental paint spillage. We then coated the ceilings and walls with Graphenstone, an innovative new paint product.

Graphenstone is the most advanced ecological and natural paint currently on the market. The product harnesses 21st-century graphene technology, offering a non-toxic, 100% natural mineral paint. All Graphenstone products are mixed mineral paints, composed of vegetable resins and ecological materials. They are each certified as Eurofins ‘Indoor Air Comfort Gold’, complying with the lowest emission rates in Europe.

Bagnalls used several GrafClean eggshell products across various surfaces. By the end of the project, our team had achieved a significant saving in CO2 emissions!

We used approximately 189 litres of paint, which we applied to an area of 2,500m2. Due to the breathable qualities of Graphenstone paint, our project has resulted in the absorption of an estimated 14 kilograms of CO2!

Through the use of Graphenstone paint, we have made an estimated CO2 emissions savings of 454 kilograms. This is in comparison to the use of conventional paints. This CO2 emissions saving figure is based on the known environmental product declaration (EPD) figures of the Graphenstone products’ carbon footprint.

Bagnalls was honoured to have worked on such a prestigious building, and prouder still to have completed the project as sustainably as possible. We’re constantly striving to make our operating processes a little greener, and Graphenstone paint has enabled us to do so!

Bagnalls is ISO 14001-accredited for our environmental management system, and all of our employees are trained in environmental awareness, adopting practices which reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

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