Inspirational Painting

09 August 2022

Mia and Lydia, two students from Sheffield Girls’, are embarking on a mural to capture “Powerful Women Through History” as part of their Extended Project Qualification in Sixth Form. Bagnalls were keen to support the students in their endeavours, and our Doncaster branch provided them with some paint and sundries as well as a few tips on how to prepare the wall prior to painting. The students will be applying masonry paints to an external wall to achieve their vision using a wide range of colours to enhance the details of the iconic women they portray.

Now that Lydia and Mia have brushes, rollers and lots of paint, some of which was donated by Crown Paints, they are ready to start painting – we hope to share their journey and the final result over the coming weeks as the mural has to be completed prior to the autumn term starting in September.

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