We’re Official Members of Women into Construction!

27 February 2023

Bagnalls is continuously looking for ways to improve our operations – including introducing avenues for our employees to learn and grow. We’re especially passionate about improving female representation and experiences in male-dominated sectors, so we’re over the moon to announce we’re now an official member of Women into Construction!

Women into Construction promotes gender equality in construction. Through personalised support and assistance, the organisation supports women who wish to pursue a career within the industry and helps employers recruit trained and qualified female workers.

We’re eager to create an inclusive environment for women at Bagnalls and beyond. Due to the fact that women account for only 14% of all construction workers in the UK, this membership is invaluable. Here are four of the ways we will work with Women into Construction.

Diversity and inclusion training

We will encourage colleagues involved in recruitment and promotion to undertake the in-depth Women into Construction diversity and inclusion training. This three-hour course educates leaders about recognising diversity, determining preferences and managing inclusion in the workplace.Discovering bright, ambitious talent

Additionally, being a member will also allow us to take part in job shops. These are virtual events where businesses are introduced to talented women searching for careers within construction. From apprenticeships to management trainees and general job vacancies, there are multiple ways this will benefit Bagnalls and women looking to enter the sector.

Remote mentoring at Bagnalls

Bagnalls’ people will be given the chance to become remote mentors. This is an amazing opportunity to support women in, or looking to enter, the sector – our expert advice will be used to further develop their careers within construction. Through three 30-minute video calls, we will create bonds with ambitious women across the UK.

Practical work placements for women

Last but certainly not least, we will also be able to offer practical work placements. Women into Construction uses its connections to help women find hands-on experience within the construction industry, such as our painting and decorating or management opportunities. This is also a great chance for us to foster long-lasting relationships with women who may work for Bagnalls at a later stage in their career.

We feel privileged to be official members of Women into Construction – every day is a new opportunity to learn and become a more considerate, fair and inclusive employer!

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